Share your knowledge and get an outgoing team with random lectures by random team members
Spread your knowledge
Mobilising knowledge effectively from one context to another presents a lingering challenge – especially as this kind of ‘tacit’ knowledge, derived from personal experience, doesn’t lend itself to be easily transferred. Share what you learned about a topic and let everyone profit of it. Stop being that one guy that knows about the topic and distribute the know-how.
Learn to give lectures
There are many elements that go into making a great lecture, but the most important one is to lose the notes. If you are giving lectures in a course at any level, the worst practice you can engage in is to rely on notes. This behavior is problematic for several reasons. You will not properly know the material, necessitating frequent glances at your notes. Overcome your stagefright and learn to share and communicate.
Get an friendly, outgoing team
If you work in a warm and friendly team environment, the chances are you have a number of affiliation driven people in your team. People who are motivated by affiliation are either driven to be popular and liked or driven NOT to be unpopular or disliked. Express new findings to the team and let everyone know about the technology you found.